Elliott Erwitt. “The goddess Diana, in a sculpture in bronze by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, draws back her bow, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City”. 1949. New York, NY, USA.

Here we fly, seeing all connect,
feeling joy, excitement
and now waves of appreciation - tears that flow
and this heart burst open like flowers
so overdue
but right on time.

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Pretty Colors

I’m really enjoying picking colours. I can see myself doing this every morning. :D
Fly through the colours until one ignites a jolt in me.

What Great Artists Need: Solitude

I fear that these mood
may never leave.

Sometimes is not often.
Often is now.

I only say this so someone can respond.

Doubt is a 100% trust in a belief you don’t prefer. You are never really actually in doubt, you are always completely trusting in something. The question is, what do you trust in?
Bashar (channeled by Daryl Anka)
Whatever you make, let it be good.
Brian Kivuti
Anonymous asked:
Why don't you draw white women?


 cus everybody draws white women. Nothing personal. but you can google art and find 9900% white women and like 3% anything else. I feel I need to make it just as common to see brown skin art as anything else.

Even rarer, are African men.

The only way to listen, is to listen.
A known unkown

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My parents country home when they just got married. It’s in my grandmother’s compound and has been falling apart over the decades out of lack of use.
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Preparing for the barbeque
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