Slumber comes slow, but on my friend, sweet soon. He, Chondo, lay quick to silent sleep, to the tale told by friend and flat-mate to serenade slumbers patient call. He lay, for the first few words aware, drew close to recollection some phrase; but into dreamscape fold, night cloaked, breathing slows as my words delved into abstract form as recollected thoughts formed over around a friendly face. Successful by the standard of sleep swift call, sweet on the mind of a friend who’s closing memory drew peace to mind. So to you, as did I feel the same call in experiment, hope with ease, sleeps slow sigh calls so gentle your name. Slumber soon with peace to bloom on your brow; across all else. Into landscaped dream, action! Prompted by words of a wonderer still and silent, with giant and hill. Chasm and lake. Light and thought. It appears there may be much to the tales now than meets my attention, to be discovered by step and search. All I can do is keep an eye, an ear out and follow the words that spell a world built beyond my view. Shared alike, sleep silent now, rest highly soon.



A wee bedtime tale, told unscripted.

In the imagination of a Brian Kivuti, the scene simmered with coming sleep… now hopefully in yours too. Rest well :).