Clarified Vision" October, 2011 by Brian Kivuti

After shuffling and reshuffling a few pictures about (the rejects not included here), this is what I finally came up with. The first set of photo’s of what will hopefully be many more within my exploration of photography as a medium.

With the pictures set, a certain interpretation occured to me! Here, staring at the central sharpest picture, a curious thing happened.. an illusion. Check it out; with the blurred photo’s set above and bellow, the pictures mimic what your own vision normally does: presenting your item of focus as clear, and all else in your peripheral vision, blurred. Only, this triptix seems to heighten this effect and narrow the blur-band of your vision artificially… a bit like tunnel vision. Either way, I quite liked it… ah, its the little things really.

As a side thought, a deeper interpretation arose to me in an analogy. Looking forward, you see the central clear picture; representing the present, where with focus, vision is clear. Looking above; a representation of the imagination, or the future which, though slightly blurred, maintains a beautiful haze and maintains substantial form with odd ethereal clarity. It is as a halo. Looking down; a representation of the past or procrastination where the lines of reality are blurred intensely. Its interesting how focusing on this last image makes little difference in making out its form compared to focusing on the central image and viewing the last in your peripheral vision. The present fills in the blanks of the past, but the past never fades from your vision while you focus on the present. On the flip side, the clarity of the present is lost when you focus on the past.

Ah… I could take this analogy a mile.. but I hope you get the point I tried to make.

The photo’s were achieved by prolonged light exposure without a flash. The central image had the camera supported, while the remaining 2 were held by hand.

Made a wee poster for this blog. Looks like this is getting more real by the moment! =D

…a little more experimentation on Photoshop using the ‘Fallen Ember’s’ series. As it is, I am simply extending and layering the pattern in the style already presented in the series. Haha! I called this, “Magic 8”.

I quite like how tweaking the transparency levels of each layer produces entirely new patterns of brightness in the flares of concentrated light. This happens, as noted, wherever light concentrations layer over each other. I could allow me to consciously manipulate the effect. This, and the last time was a happy accident.

Celestial Print [1]" (Oct 2011) by Kivuti

I can’t say I was thinking and planning this intensively. Rather, responded to the different forms and effects I could achieve, developing the image as I went along. It looks like I’ve displayed the image as a ‘finished piece’, but be that as it may, should be considered as experimentation. I’m not too used to creating ‘finished pieces’ outside jewellery. I very much tend to view most of my visual work as process of progression, and so in some way, incomplete. I find it a rare thing to create an image and feel it done and complete.

*Post Script

Showing this image to some acquaintances, they remarked that it looked like bugs. Haha! Funnily enough… or not so funnily enough, I quite agree. Other than that, we did note how these images have turned out quite differently to the original images from the Fallen Embers series. The originals are minimalistic, while these… clearly are not. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all; if anything, these collage images seem to me to be easier to translate into jewellery than their originals (which they themselves would doubtless translate into arguably interesting jewellery). One of the girls did note that she felt this image would work well as jewellery in plastic. I agreed. While I am however not a fan of working in plastic, it really would translate to affordable jewellery; depending on how you go about it. While in plastic the work can still turn out to be quite beautiful and expensive, all I see is gold, gold, gold!! Maybe some silver thrown in.

Braced in Gold' (Nov, 2011) by Kivuti

Celestial Print [3]' (Nov, 2011) by Kivuti

As for the photography, I do not assume myself a professional or particularly schooled in the field. I did however notice a lot of lovely photography going about on facebook, often displaying multiple images layered, coloured hues and plays in light. It makes lovely effects that transforms what would simply be an image to record something (in the plainest sense), into an image that more closely considered to ‘good photography’… only in this case you recognise the people in it. It were as though they were exerpts from a photography journal that in many ways is far less distant in its source; its much more accessible.

Its safe to say that I enjoy it (but would find it strange posting friends facebook pics on my blog), however, this makes me realise how very much ‘done’ my own layering effects are. I wouldn’t say that I’m trying to do something new. I simply would like to develop a personal language that is just it: personal. Its no surprise that the question comes to my mind on ‘how to move my work forward’, so that its similarities to many other photographers work is less apparent, and my own personality is more so.

We discover as we make.

My great friend Usama & I at the top of Blackford hill, Edinburgh after completing our wee photo-shoot one fine September day :) ah… as lovely a memory as it was the day.